ISSN 1941-5923


A case of Poland’s syndrome with acheiria

Hasan Nazaroglu, Yasar Bükte, Cihan Akgül, Abdurrahman Senyigit

CaseRepClinPractRev 2005; 6:9-11

ID: 16398

Published: 2005-01-02

Background: Poland’s syndrome consists of the combination of unilateral aplasia of the sternocostal head of the pectoralis major muscle and an ipsilateral upper limb deformity.
Case report: We present a case with acheiria, which is a rare form of Poland’s syndrome, with findings of hand x-ray, chest radiograph, and thorax computed tomography.
Conclusions: Although the most common hand anomaly in Poland’s syndrome is brachysyndactyly with hand hypoplasia, it should be kept in mind that acheiria which is one of the most severe the
hand anomaly may be associated to in Poland’s syndrome.

Keywords: Poland’s syndrome, upper limb deformity, computed tomography, pectoralis major muscle, Thorax, Hand