ISSN 1941-5923


False aneurysm of the extern iliac artery as a complication of graftectomy and a cause of abdominal pain in haemodialysed patient

Gwidon Polak, Witold Hryncewicz, Grażyna Zarzycka-Lindner, Wiesław Jundziłł

CaseRepClinPractRev 2003; 4(3):249-251

ID: 450679


Background: False aneurysm of the extern iliac artery is rare but potentially fatal complication of renal transplantation
or graftectomy.
Case report: We described a 28-year old haemodialysed woman diagnosed due to abdominal pain. 9 years after
renal transplantation and 7 years after graftectomy the diagnosis of false aneurysm of the extern iliac artery was established. She was successfully operated on.
Conclusions: We must remember that abdominal pain in dialysed patient can be caused by vasal pathology
originated during renal transplantation or graftectomy.

Keywords: false aneurysm, Abdominal Pain, graftectomy