ISSN 1941-5923


Difficulties in diagnosis of Crohn-LeÊniowski’s disease

Grzegorz Wyrobiec, Robert Domagała, Maria Głowacka

CaseRepClinPractRev 2003; 4(3):256-259

ID: 451378


Background: Crohn’s disease belongs to non-specyfic, chronic inflammatory bowels disorders, which currently
effects 5/100 000 people per year in the European Community. There are phenotypic classifications of the disease according to different parameters such as age, anatomical location and predominant disease behaviour. Because of differences of clinical symptoms, the disease is hard to diagnose.
Case report: Authors present diagnostic problems concerning Crohn’s disease based on the case of patient with‘acute abdomen’ symptoms. Setting out currently available diagnostic methods of the disease and also turn attention to new possibilities of recognition of Crohn’s disease in the future.
Conclusions: Recognition of Crohn’s disease, despite a lot of diagnostic tests, is far from consensus. It results from the fact, that observed changes are found in different places in alimentary canal and differ in immensity and rate of development. New possibilities of diagnosing Crohn’s disease, that are based on up-to-date discoveries of immunology, are opening up.

Keywords: Crohn-LeÊniowski’s disease