ISSN 1941-5923


Rare and difficult in diagnosis case of hepatic accessory left lobe

Jerzy Karwacki, Witold Dobracki, Ireneusz Nawrot, Kamil Pietrasik

CaseRepClinPractRev 2001; 2(1):50-53

ID: 474539


The authors present a very rare and diagnostically difficult case of an additional left hepatic lobe found in a 26-year old woman diagnosed and treated in the Clinic of Infection Diseases at the Medical University of Wroc³aw. The reasons for hospitalization included the symptoms of hepatic failure persisting for 2 years and a tumor in the left epigastrium, which, as it followed from diagnostic investigations (especially angiography), could correspond to an additional spleen or hepatic lobe. The surgery involving radical resection of the additional hepatic lobe was performed. The patient was discharged from hospital 11 days after the surgery in good general condition. No similar cases have been described in available Polish literature so far.

Keywords: Liver, additional hepatic lobe, Anatomy, diagnostics, treatment