ISSN 1941-5923


Splenopexy for the Wandering Spleen Utilising Pre-existing Adhesions

Lisa Gotley, Lisa Creighton, Roy Kimble

CaseRepClinPractRev 2003; 4(4):319-321

ID: 476418


Background: Various management approaches have been reported for the wandering spleen.
Case report: We report a rare case of a 2-year old child with a torsion of her wandering spleen. At operation, following detorsion, adherent omentum provided ideal anchorage points for splenopexy. She made an uncomplicated recovery and a 6 month follow-up ultrasound showed a normal
looking spleen in its anatomical position. She remains asymptomatic at 1 year.
Conclusions: When present, omental adhesions provide ideal anchorage points for splenopexy.

Keywords: wandering spleen, Torsion, splenopexy, Adhesions, Child