ISSN 1941-5923


Surgical management of cervical oesophageal rupture secondary to a barotrauma

Mohamed Elouannani, Mohamed Elabsi, Haj Omar Malki, Rachida M’bida, Mahjoub Echarab, Faricha Hassan Elalami, Mahomed Amraoui, Abdelkader Errougani, Rachid Chkoff

CaseRepClinPractRev 2007; 8:177-179

ID: 488649


Background: Oesophageal perforation is a life-threatening condition that is difficult to early diagnose and manage. Most oesophagus ruptures result from iatrogenic causes. Rarely does blunt trauma result in oesophageal rupture. One unusual form of oesophageal perforation is that resulting from exploding tire.
Case Report: The authors report a case of barotraumatic perforation of the cervical oesophagus in a 22-year-old patient; caused by exploding tire. He was managed by operative repair and had uneventful recovery.
Conclusions: Oesophageal perforation is a surgical emergency with high mortality rates; particularly if not diagnosed and treated promptly. Early diagnosis and immediate treatment are crucial to avoid morbidity and potential lethal complications. The decision of a treatment strategy depends on different factors such as the location and extent of the injury. The management alternatives can vary from non-operative treatment to oesophagectomy. The
non-operative approach can be effective in perforation of cervical oesophagus. However, surgery is probably the best therapeutic option for its lower morbidity and mortality and good functional results.

Keywords: Barotrauma