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Co-infection of cyclospora cayetanensis and cryptosporidium parvum in an immunocompetent patient with urticaria without diarrhea: case report

Tuncay Celik, Yelda Karıncaoglu, Ulku Karaman, Nilgun Ulfet Daldal

Am J Case Rep 2008; 9:163-166

ID: 849817

Published: 2008-03-27

Background: Cyclospora cayetanensis and Cryptosporidium parvum, a coccidian parasites and induce a diarrhea illness of the small intestinal, are the causative agents, a transmitted via contaminated water or food. We aimed to examine the stool of a patient being urticaria without diarrhea.
Case Report: In 2007 a six-year-old boy living in Elbistan, non-tropical region in Turkey, was transferred by his parents to the Dermatology policlinic of Inonu University from Elbistan state hospital due to only prolonged pruritic swellings on his body. The patient showed no symptoms such as stomachache, fever, nausea and vomiting. His fecal sample was mild with no trace of mucosa or blood. It was reported that the patient didn’t have any allergies such as drug. Laboratory studies on admission were notable, with PLT of 434 units/L, EO of 4.4 units/L, ASO of 148 units/L, CRP of 3 units/L, AST of 25 units/L, ALT of 12 units/L, and total IgE of 75 IU/mL. Otology serum and Prick tests revealed negative results. Moreover the patient was found to have no allergic reactions to any food, tree, grass, mold, and animals. The organisms were identified as C. cayetanensis and C. parvum in the stool sample. After treated with Metronidazole and Azithromycin. Fecal specimen were examined. As a result no sign of the parasites were observed and urticaria complaints disappeared.
Conclusions: This report is the first case that have seen co-infection of cyclosporiasis and cryptosporidiasis in an immunocompetent patient who have urticaria complaints and without diarrhea. It is believed that these parasites are likely to cause allergic reactions among patients who have constant urticaria complaints, can not develop immunological reaction to various allergens, and have high total IgE antibodies.

Keywords: mild stool occlusion, urticaria, Cyclospora cayetanensis, Cryptosporidium parvum